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Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's Care Package


It's entirely morning/breakfast themed. DH mentioned how he had to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready and eat and shave, so I sent him a few things to hopefully let him get a few more minutes of shut eye.

In the box there's an electric razor, pop tarts, energy bars, instant oatmeal, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows (he won't eat it any other way), some mini cereal, and instant coffee.

I really lucked out with some the contents. We have a subscription to the San Diego Tribune and I opened the door the other day and lo and behold there was a giant General Mills advertisement on the outside with 3 free cereal samples. So I included the little individual-sized cereal in the box. So there's another great way for you ladies to get things for packages: FREE SAMPLES!

Anyways, I'm a little bit behind on my care packages. I can't keep up with the demand. People in his unit have been requesting specific and obscure things and the reason they're requesting them from me rather than their mothers is because I'm a "do-er". I do things. Have a craving for an obscure girl scout cookie 1 month after cookie sales are over? No problem, because I will search through hell and high water until I find them. Anyways, I told DH I already sent all of the stuff he asked for. In reality, I haven't made any of the cookies yet, so I better 'git 'er done' pretty soon. The upcoming theme is "Home Sweet Home" and it's pretty much just homemade cookies, cake, muffins, samoas, and a little photo book I made. I should have it completed and mailed tomorrow (crosses fingers...)

Oh and just because I think I forgot to post it, here's a picture of last week's care package. The theme was "At the Movies". I really threw it together in about an hour, so the decorating is not really up to par for what I was hoping it would be.

(well upon further review I see I did already blog about last week's movie care package, but it was a sorry post at best.)


~Cheryl~ said...

I LOVE your care packages!!! Very cute. I need to step up my game. LOL

Unknown said...

youre a great insparation