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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a HAIRY Situation

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I won't regale you with a boring and long-winded story. I think the pictures explain it the best.

My life felt drab, so I decided to do some FIRE ENGINE RED:

FIRE ENGINE RED didn't exactly work out. But that's why God invented "Color OOPS!":

Now how do you fix a "Color OOPS" OOPS? With more "Color OOPS!":

Well maybe if I bleach it?:

That color isn't so bad. But it's still a bit too yellow. But hey, that's what toner is for, right?"

OMFG I'm GREY. I guess I could always blame it on "deployment stress"?

So now (the grand unveiling):

400 million shampoos later (using medicated anti-dandruff shampoo and dish soap, and alternating deep conditioning hair mask in between washings) I have achieved what I consider to be a "tolerable" platinum:

It's still looks a bit white depending on what light I'm in, but I would much prefer to have hair that's almost white than be straight-up GREY. (hey, you can even se my piercings in that picture).


Marissa said...

Haha dude that the lip ring!

Jordan Streetman said...

I have had many dying disasters as well! and many fixes, and more fixes. I just ended up going black when I have red, because it would not come out!

Mel said...

I had a terrible dye experience when I was turning 21. I've been a natural blonde my entire life but I thought I would go brunette for my 21st "for something different."
We got a permanent box color in a chestnut-y brown and then a low-lite color in a darker brown so I could have some dimension to the hair. Well, the base was a mousy bland brown and the low-lites came out magenta. No lie! It took a few more boxes to get the brown I wanted and about a month later, it took me quite a few boxes to get back to my natural color. I've never touched it since!

The end result looks great by the way! And the lip-ring is pretty cute too!

The LT's Wifey said...

sadly i now have jet black hair because of too many incidences like this one. the black is never coming out-i have tried twice and both times i end up with two inch strips of blonde broken hair. my lovely and talented hair dresser finally said "look, jenna-let's face it-once you black, you never go back"...
the blonde looks pretty nice though! stick with it!