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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holy Shit...

Is my husband even going to recognize me when he comes home??

I just compiled a photo montage of all the "looks" I've had since DH left. I'm convinced that he's probably not even going to recognize me when he gets home.

#1 is what I looked like when he left. #5 is what I look like now. That doesn't even take into account that by the time he comes home I will likely have lost 30+ lbs from my P90X, and will have 3 more piercings: lip (again..cuz the other one had to be taken out for dental stuff), eyebrow, and navel. And I will probably have a tattoo, since that is also on my list of things that has to be done by the time he gets home.

Oh and actually...that montage is only a fraction of the looks I've had. Space constraints forced me to leave out the red hair, the short blue hair, the long blue hair, and the short black hair. WHEW!


AF wifey said...

ok so I love your blog. I agree with a lot of what you have to say! I have a queastion and it has nothing to do with this post but just something i was thinking about... Do you celebrate christmas or any holiday like that?

I am not religious at all... I am more atheist as well. But I grew up celebrating christmas so it is normal to me but it doesn't have a religious meaning to me.

My email is if you wanna reply there.