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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Afghanistan featured on Nat. Geo

Tonight at 10 pm National Geographic is doing a 1-hour segment on Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan as part of it's "Explorer" series.

In other news, I discovered this awesome website called Operation Write Home. They coordinate the making and sending of homemade BLANK cards to the troops, so that they can send cards and notes back home to their family. Follow Them on Twitter or Check Out Their Website.

So something funny happened today. For the past week I've been ignoring the housecleaning (and the dishes, and the dishwasher, and the laundry, and the cat...). It wasn't my fault (well ok it was) but before you lay ALL the blame on me, to my own credit I was indeed bogged down with cleaning our spare bedroom for my MIL who's coming to visit this weekend. So I tackled that head on, ignored everything else in the house, and then I got sick. So the state of our house today is AWEFUL. Every single dish we own is in the sink. Those that don't fit in the sink are stacked on the counter. Those that don't fit on the counter are actually stacked on the stove. It's terrible.

Well, I went to apologize to my husband for making him live in filth for a week and he turned to me and said "oh I didn't even notice". That's the way he's been living for the past 9 months in boot camp, SOI, and MOS. He said that when we ran out of plates and spoons and forks he just started using napkins and tupperware and plastic utensils. Out of plastic utensils? No problem, just use these toothpicks.

Ah the resourcefulness of Marines. At that point (lack of utensils) I actually stopped cooking and moved entirely to sandwiches, so the fact that he still managed to eat "utensil foods" this far into the week is an absolute miracle.

But I'll leave you for now (my documentary is starting). But upcoming this week:

1. Deployment Treats

I've seen a lot of deployment "treats" to send to troops overseas and each one seems to come with its own criticism. So I'm just going to skip the whole "relying on other peoples reviews" and do my own experiment with some baked goods, keen on finding a nice balance between taste and portability. Then I'll post a review so you all can "rely on my review" (ah, love irony). So this week I'm going to make some cakes in a jar and pudding cookies.

2. Flat Husband

This is the defining week for Flat Husband...the selection. I'll upload some possible photos and I want the blogosphere to vote on which one would be the best

Aaaand I'm out of ideas so I'll leave it at 2 for now. Come back in a few hours to see my review of "Explorer: Camp Leatherneck". And if you have Nat Geo, tune in with me!

And cross your fingers that I get the Spouse Centrals ambassador position I volunteered for. Oh and DH...I promise I will clean the house tonight/tomorrow. Even if I have to stay up all night again ;)