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Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Ode to Dead Blogs (and Flat Husband!)

Let's just say this is not the first time I have attempted blogging...although it is certainly my most popular attempt (can I have a shout out for 2 whole followers? Woot!)

I've had many dead blogs over the years. Most of them died at the hand of their writer, who never seemed to have time to update them. One of them was killed following an angry tirade about how the internet sucks. Three of them never saw fruition and sat endlessly in a state of "saved drafts", waiting for the moment when I might grow a pair and just post them already.

Possibly my most successful attempt at blogging (minus this one) was my own facebook page, rife with political notes. But then again, that's not entirely fair. On facebook you can tag people in your notes and otherwise force them into reading it. I just decided, after a while, that it was terribly unfair of me to spam other people's pages with my political musings. So I moved into the blogosphere, ready to sink or swim on my own.

That was scary. I pat myself on the back for having 5 posts already (a record). It's scary because, when you cherish something as much as I cherish my writing, publishing that for other people to critique and/or ignore is like sending your child to kindergarten for the first time. How are people going to react to me? How are people going to react to my this whole thing?

Oh and did I mention I stayed up all night against tonight? Oh well...I guess it's about time I embrace this habit of mine.

I got this GREAT idea though. I was thinking about all the things DH is going to miss this year:

1. My 21 birthday
2. My mom's big family reunion/party thing
3. 2nd Wedding Anniversary
4. Thanksgiving
5. Christmas
6. The cat's birthday (ok so I'm grasping at straws now...)

Anyways, the point is, he's going to miss things. So I decided to be clever. A few years ago when I went to the 2002 Winter Olympics, my cousin was doing a school project called "Flat Stanley" and he asked me to help him. Needless to say, Flat Stanley attended the 2002 Winter Olympics. My mom got really into it and even made a scrapbook of all the places the little flat boy visited.

So my genius idea...I'm going to make a "Flat Husband", and he can come to all these places with me. I'll just take pictures of "Flat Husband" spending quality time with me wherever I am, and then I'll send them to him so he can see what he's been doing in his own absence :)

Yup! I'm going to do that!


amanda said...

Hahaha Laura that is a really cute idea. Is it just a picture you're going to take with you everywhere? You should make it life sized! haha it will be cute.