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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Welcome Message

The other day I got on the internet looking for deployment blogs. You'd think there would be a whole host of blogs out there from disgruntled spouses and girlfriends going through deployment. But there actually aren't.

So I decided to start my own. I figure, sharing my feelings and goings on will help not only me but also any other wives and girlfriends out there going through the same thing, or else about to go through the same thing. Learn from my experiences, and leave comments about your own.

Now, my story:

DH enlisted in the USMC on March 22, 2009. He is a CBRN defense specialist. We moved to our first base in November.

DH came home one day in December with the dates of a sudden, upcoming deployment. He's being deployed as part of the 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. I'm not allowed to tell you the dates of said deployment (OPSEC and all), but it's a few weeks away. This blog is meant to chronicle my experiences in the coming weeks, and then his 12 month deployment.