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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I really need a better schedule

I'm a night owl by nature. There's just something about the wee hours of the morning when no one is awake and its dark that just makes me happy. Maybe it's that I can go outside in my pj's and get the mail without being seen, or that I can enjoy the goofy infomercials on TV.

Usually I've been able to force myself to go to bed by 1 or 2 AM, but today I think I really overdid it. I stayed up all night. My husband woke up to an empty bed, came out to the living room, and saw me watching Youtube videos and old episodes of "Full House" on TV and said "have you been up this whole time?" Yes, I have...mainly because I was incredibly lazy yesterday and slept until 6 PM. And when you sleep for 17 hours, you're generally running on a lot more than fumes come 5 AM. In fact, I'm quite wide-eyed right now. Feeling the effects of sleep deprivation only marginally.

The bad thing is, now that I was up all night, I'm going to have to stay up all day as well. No more of this "going to bed at 4 AM and waking up at 4 PM" stuff. Sure the night is great, but nothing is open, meaning nothing gets done, and I've seriously wasted a lot of decent daylight by being in REM sleep.

I keep thinking to when he's deployed and I just know I'll probably revert back to my night owl ways. When he was in boot camp, I did the exact same thing. He wasn't there, I was lonely, and day time is just so much more lonely when you don't have a husband around to talk to or even wait for. But night time..well no one is awake at night anyways, so it's almost an excuse to be an introvert. Instead of admitting that I'm a shy person who doesn't get out much, I can just claim to be a night owl and it makes it that much more acceptable. If you don't get out much simply because you're only awake a night...people understand that. They almost look at you with awe and say "I wish I could stay awake all night".

Well when you sleep in until 9 PM, it's really not that difficult.


Anonymous said...

Laura, as a military wife myself, I too am a night owl...and find that when he's not deployed and home its a hard habit to break. I had to giggle about your dh waking up in an empty bed comeing out seeing what you'd been up to all night. My husband has gotten used to it and comes out say "silly Boo" lol. Power to us night owls. Love your blog by the way.