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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sleeping Alone

Well I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule again. It got completely out of whack by the many days last week I spent sleeping during the day and staying up all night. So now I'm really trying to get it back on track using an interesting combination of medication, white noise machines, and discipline.

Last night, I didn't wake up until 3 PM, so needless to say I was pretty wired by about midnight. I hunkered down on the couch with my blankets, pillow, and TV remote and bought a pay-per-view ("The Blind Side"...which was actually a GREAT movie). In an attempt at tricking myself into being sleepy, I hit the medicine cabinet. Now, I don't actually own sleeping pills. They freak me out, because my dad used to always tell me stories about how they make you groggy the next day. But if there's one medication I can always count on to make me sleepy, it's Nyquil. So I took a Nyquil (and please, spare me the lecture about using cold medication as a sedative. I'm aware the box specifically frowns on that use...but I was desperate). It's something I've done a few times in the past, and it seemed to work. I started getting sleepy around the time my movie ended, although it was more of just a "fake tired". My eyes were telling me to shut down and sleep, but my brain was screaming "no no no! Get up and do something!"

So I turned off the TV, locked the cat in the bedroom, closed my eyes, and started up my iphone's "white noise" application (ocean waves and crickets). I kinda just drifted in and out of sleep for the next 5 hours, dreaming about sea turtles. Around 8:30 AM, I accidentally swallowed a cricket in my dream, which instantly woke me up sputtering and hacking on said imaginary bug. And I forced myself to get up. I turned on my music (geez...I am just loving this iphone), fought the urge to go back to sleep, and made myself get up.

So I'm mildly tired right now, but I think I might actually get to bed at a reasonable time tonight *crosses fingers*

Oh, and did I mention grease paint is a pain in the ass to scrub off?

I'll have to post the story behind that picture later today (oh it's good lol)


amanda said...

hahahhaa choking on fake crickets...

btw the captcha for this comment is frack!!! Loves it!