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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have officially become a terrible insomniac. If it's not bad enough that I slept through the entirety of last week and spend each and every night waiting for the sun to come back up, I now can't even sleep when I'm drop dead tired.

I've been lying awake for the past 4 hours unable to stop my racing mind. The house is too empty and quiet, it's too dark outside, and I hate being the only person awake. I watched tv hoping it would put me to sleep like it did last night but it was distracting. So I relocated myself and my permanently on laptop to the bedroom and tried to sleep in the bed for the first time in a week.

So far that isn't doing anything either. I can't get things out of my mind. It's like I am constantly haunted by the thought of being alone and it heightens my awareness of my aloneness.

Last week was a pretty crappy week. I didn't have the will to leave the house. The one day I managed to wake up in the morning my husband told me things that made me crawl right back into bed and pull the covers over myself and try to escape back to sleep... Which I did for the next 15 hours.

Well I guess I will try one last time to sleep tonight.

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Kirsten said...

I'm having the same problem. I'm hoping with time I'll get used to being alone and be able to sleep, but for now I'm just looking for some remedies. I'm going to try one of those ocean sound machines.

Laura said...

Lemme know if it works. My iphone has a "white noise" app with ocean sounds, but I was hesitant to purchase it in case it doesn't work haha.

Gaile said...

I rely heavily on my white noise machine - the rain sound normally helps.
My sleep has been ALMOST normal this past week, and the one difference in my schedule over the previous weeks is that I get up and go waling with my neighbor in the mornings. Not sure if its the extra exercise, or if it's having the excuse to get out of bed IN THE MORNING (I do get up and get my kids out the door in the mornings, but then find it all too easy to go back to bed for a couple hours, screwing up YET ANOTHER night's sleep)
Also, when I am not pregnant, I have NOTHING against sleeping pills! Or, during the last two deployments I would have a glass of wine and a hot bath at night just to go to sleep *instead of the pills*.
Now I am pregnant and can't have wine, pills, OR a nice HOT bath, so its just the sound machine for me this year.

amanda said...

=( Come OVER when you're like that! Sheesh! I swear my couch is comfy! lol