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Sunday, March 21, 2010

That darn cat!

Not leaving the house in a week has had its perks. For one, I finally discovered why there always seem to be little tracks of cornmeal throughout the kitchen.

The culprit?

I shouldn't have been surprised, as he has managed to weasel his way into other cupboards, I just never though he had figured out how to get past the child locks. I mean, if our cat is that smart I hate to think how devious our actual offspring will be.

In other news, I finally have plans to go to the gym. It took a bit of convincing and schedule rearranging so as not to miss any communication (DH said he'll try to get on each day after work, which equates to 9 AM my time), but if all goes well I will be working this flab into shape at 5 AM!!

Oh and I'm cleaning the house so I can finally start my crafting business. I am SOOO excited.

And how the heck do people manage to get HUNDRED of followers? *jealous* :)


Jennifer said...

Sneaky little devil! Thats too funny. :)