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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog makeover!

What a feat! I think I have been working almost all day coming up with both a new name and a new design for my blog. But I am finally satisfied!


I have been procrastinating on purchasing photoshop for this laptop, meaning I've had to do all of my editing in Paint.NET. Don't get me wrong, PDN is actually quite a groovy program, but I am and always will be a photoshop girl. I worked with photoshop for HOURS at a time back in my photography days and can do pretty much anything on it, so to suddenly jump ship to PDN is a bit confusing. I haggled with that banner for a good portion of the day, trying my hardest to get the edges even (to no luck).

So unless someone would like to clue me in on the secret of using PDN to cut things out of other photos, we're all going to just have to just live with the blotchy, un-clean edges on my banner: a testament to the fact that I slaved on my blog myself rather than paying someone to do it for me.

Which reminds me...I need to upload some photos. This place is looking a little bit un-personalized (is that a word? Unpersonalized?)


amanda said...

I really don't know if that is a word or not. I want to buy the bew pbotoshop too. Lets go halves! You can put it on so many devices right?

Laura said...

Ya I think you can put it on 2-3 different devices