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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gasp! I made it to 5 followers!

And 1 of them isn't a family member...hahaha!


On another note, we FINALLY got that photo session in after only 3 reschedulings. It felt kinda funny because we were hanging around at the beach and hugging and stuff and having our picture taken and a woman walked by and started fawning over us about our "upcoming marriage". I told her we were already married and these were pre-deployment pictures and she switched instantly into somber patriot mode, lowered her eyes to the ground and said "thank you for your service". DH just looked at me like "why is this stranger talking to us!!!"

The photographers were awesome though. They got some shots in that included his dog tags and combat boots so I'm excited to see how they turn out (hopefully I actually looked remotely photogenic).

Then we took my new handgun to the range. I named him Siegfried because I thought...if I'm going to own a weapon it might as well have a name and Siegfried just popped into my head first. But apparently I can't shoot it worth shit because I shot 50 rounds and missed 90% of them (and I don't mean missed as in I missed my aim...I missed the ENTIRE TARGET). That's pretty strange considering I'm actually a decent shot, but Siegfried behaves differently than other handguns I've used. The trigger takes more effort to pull and you have to pull it back farther, and something about that finger movement forces me to tilt the gun too far down. So hopefully as the weeks go on I'll figure it out.

We also packed his gear today. Boy was that NOT FUN. Well ok...I might have had a little teeny tiny bit of fun slipping love notes into all his skivvy rolls.

I'd say the phase of deployment I'm in now would be....the "Wtf mode". Everything that happens just makes me say "WTF life". Like yesterday and that whole California Tsunami thing. We don't even live near the beach but I had to say WTF because it was like the last week of him being here has just been one thing after another and then a near-natural-disaster to top it off.

Oh and did I mention that our neighbor apologized for being a douche? He picked a terrible time (seeing as I was just returning from a pre-deployment party that I left early because I was about to burst into tears every 5 seconds and I didn't know anybody). But I was getting my depressed little sulking self out of the truck he found a few moments to yell over his balcony that he acted "hastily". I'd say "idiotically" would be more like it, but I'll accept hastily. I also noticed he stopped parking there. Instead his roommate parks there and his car is smaller and he actually knows how to park, so so far the parking situation seems to have improved slightly.


Kirsten said...

My husband just left about a week ago and then the whole Tsunami thing happens! It's typical! Great blog!I just started following. I also just started my first deployment blog too to help me get through it.

Laura said...

Were you in Hawaii or Cali? They had a Tsunami warning for Southern California as well (which was naturally the day I happened to be at the beach haha)