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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Idiots on the Internet

The other day I put an ad on craigslist looking for someone to swing by and install my light timer. I didn't offer any pay because (as stated in the ad), I just needed 5 minutes of time and wasn't really sure how much to charge for 5 minutes. I got a lot of replies from people in the area offering to come over real quick and hook it up. No one asked for monetary compensation. In the end, my neighbor came over and did it for me.

Well this morning I got up and checked my email and saw a message from this guy. He wasn't offering to help me with my light switch. No, he was insulting me because I was playing the "poor me" card to get free stuff. He said that at a minimum I should pay for someone's gas...which would have been a great idea, except every single person who replied to my ad lived within walking distance. He said that by not offering compensation, I was a thief.

Feeling a bit confrontational (and honestly in the mood for talking to ANYONE, even snarky strangers), I replied. I told him that did not make me a thief, my husband would have done it except he was deployed and that not everyone is blessed to have money, electrical skills, AND a stateside husband all at the same time.

His response? I'm going to just copy and paste this directly from his email and maybe all of you other mil spouses can set this mofo straight:

"You probably have a con for everything and military wives are the worst. I know and you know you get free cash but I also know you don't work. Why? You don't have to... right? Right."

*cough* what? Free cash? I don't work? Wow. I wonder what all those hours I just put in today working on my scrapbooking business are called? Volunteering? What about the job I just got with the Census? Oh, I guess that's called being a couch potato.

As for us not having to work? Oh I wish I didn't have to work. I wish I could stay home all by myself all day long hiding in my room sending total strangers snarky emails about how they're con artists. But I just don't have that much spare time to my day. We have bills, car payments, rent, down payments, automobile repairs, dental work, and school to pay for. I haven't worked for the last year, but every single month was cutting it ridiculously close and some months we couldn't actually afford to pay certain bills. So thinking about it now, yes, I DO have to work, if I care about my own mental sanity and don't want to have to cry over bills and debt anymore.

So really "pagedeziner"....go eff yourself.

(and for the record, Mr. "snarky stranger"...I did get my light timer installed. The Marine who lives next door said he cared about my safety more than he cared about a few bucks in his pocket. And that what makes him a better human being than you. Now enjoy your helping of STFU.)


Jeanne said...

What a jerk! Obviously all of the other replies show that what you were asking was completely legit. This guy just doesn't have any loyalty to his country or any common sense.

Gaile said...

Oh this makes me SOOOOO MAD! My hubby is a reservist, and his 'real' job pays better than the Marine Corps does - so we are taking a significant PAY CUT whenever hubby deploys. I have always worked, even if I had to work from home when my babies were small. Now I am unemployed, have applied for ANYTHING and everything over the past year, and in the meantime we have cut out any and all unnecessary expenses.
I get mad enough when someone WITHIN the military community assumes that we must be 'rolling in the dough' because hubby is an officer (which we are not) But when some jerk who has NO CLUE what he is talking about jumps to these conclusions....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH it makes me so so so so ANGRY!

amanda said...

WOW! What an ass! That's annoying when people sit there and judge others by a snippet. You're proactively asking for help to a situation and people can't seem to stand that.
F*** him and pardon my language but who is he to assume your life?

Now Laura, go carve him a letter on a piece of gold you have lying around. I mean, since we're all so rich and all.

Anonymous said...

Just had this guy email me and insult me regarding a craigslist ad I submitted. He was apparently upset that I requested that licensed contractors contact me if they were unlicensed, then I would like some references.

He basically told me I was a moron for asking that he provide references.

I asked in my email response if he would like to meet in person and discuss his sarcasm. He would never arrange the meeting, but would later learn that I was a 27 year active duty Lieutenant Commander and that I was fully prepared to meet with him person and give him the ass stomping he deserved.

I'm researching this guy...if I ever get a chance to meet up with him...I will teach him the proper manners that his mother and father failed to teach him.

Take care,


Facebook.con/travisnbb4evr said...

I had the same guy Do the same I called him out I want to see if he has the balls to tell me in person All I'm saying is I'm a body builder I wouldn't talk crap to me if I was this guy

Anonymous said...

That is why people refer to the military as jar heads, no common sense, with everything you have you beg on the internet, your hen house should take a long look in the mirror, I do not see any manors here, lets swear, lets steal, lets cry and threaten legit people, Nice... I do know upper military and you will get a chance to meet me. I saved your transcribed assault confession and your name, so how about a criminal misconduct charge for Christmas??? ):(