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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cookies and Care Packages

I FINALLY got to talk to DH this morning on skype. He hasn't been able to get on for about a week. One of the things he asked me to send him was Bratzelis and Samoas.

For those of you who don't know, Bratzelis are Swiss waffle cookies. My acnestry is Swiss, so I make them every year and I made some this past December for hubby's unit. They were having a little Christmas party and each Marine was supposed to bring something (which translates into each Marines' WIFE was supposed to MAKE something haha). So I made Bratzelis, stayed up all night slaving over these cookies, burning my fingers with hot griddle oil and setting of smoke alarms.

By the time he got back from his party, I was quite eager to know what people thought of my cookies. Everyone always raves about them and I assumed this would be no different. But I was wrong. Apparently when you put a bunch of dudes in a room with food and "The Hangover", no one wants to talk about cookies. So I was under the impression that they hated them, and it really bummed me out.

So you can imagine my surprise this morning when DH told me that people in his unit had specifically requested my "flat ice cream cone cookies".

On top of that, they all wanted Samoas. Now, ignoring the fact that Samoas are covered in melty chocolate, they also happen to be Girl Scout Cookies...and cookie sales ended almost 3 weeks ago. But that's where my true Girl Scout spirit kicked in (yes, I am still a Girl Scout. Going on 15 years...or is it 16? I forget). SOOO I have just spent the entire day on a wild goose chase for 1 specific kind of Girl Scout cookie.

I started with Craigslist, looking for people trying to bum their extra cookies off on the rest of us. It seemed like everyone was clean out of Samoas and I was about to just forget about it, but then I got a call back from someone. She had a bunch of extra cookies (120 boxes to be exact) and tucked in all those piles of treats were 8 little boxes of Samoas.

Now I just have to figure out the best way to ship them, in case theres a bit of melting. Should I send all 8 boxes at once, or should I just tuck 1 box in with the next few care packages so the cookies can "trickle" into the country? What do you think?


Jeanne said...

Hmm.. That's a good question.. I'd try 'trickling' them in, in a way.. probably do half in each box or something.. Let us know (when you find out) whether or not they made it..

amanda said...

haha hmmm...send half now and then trickle them.
Uhm're going to have to make me those cookies you make. Its only neighborly...just sayin.