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Friday, April 16, 2010

Care Packages and a VOTE!

It's funny to think, my husband has been gone 6 weeks and I'm already on care package #5! That means I send almost 1 care package per week.

Why do I do so many? Partly because, it entertains me. I have a lot of fun coming up with themes, and I actually have a long running list of themes I am DYING to try out. But also because, he requests them! Every time I talk to him, he is asking for more packages. So I don't even bother mailing letters anymore. I save them up and just toss them in the care package. Plus, I'm the only one who really sends him packages. If I didn't send them, he wouldn't have anything.

This care package I have actually been planning for a few weeks! I bought the stuff to put in it the week after he left and I was planning on making it my first package, but that idea was pushed back by St. Patrick's day, his requests for cookies, his requests for breakfast items, and his request for movies. So, after sitting on this stuff for a month, I FINALLY got to put it all together.

The theme is basically "Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!" (you know, after that reggae song by Arrow...ole, ole, ole ole feeling hot hot hot!). The contents are everything my husband loves: spicy, spicy spicy!

There's flaming hot cheetos, spicy nacho doritos, Mrs. Dash seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes, tabasco, after death sauce (that comes with it's own skull key chain), wasabi peas, cocktail onions (his fave), spiced beef jerky, jalepeno jerky, hot salsa, and then I threw in some red/orange items too like cherry drink mix, a kodak camera, and fruity mentos. I had a bit of trouble fitting in all in, because the chip bags are filled with air, so I poked a miniscule hole in the bottom of the doritos bag, let out some of the air, and then taped it back up (LOL!) They may or may not arrive stale, although I don't think he'll mind either way. Just get the damn chips in the box!

Now I need to ask for a vote on what my next theme should be:

1. "ooh-ooh-ooooorah!" Everything monkey and banana themed, such as banana chips, banana pudding, barrel of monkeys, etc. I actually saw something similar done, but hers was "Hang in there", so I figure I should switch up the actual theme.
2. "This little piggy" All feet items, Dr. scholls inserts, foot powder, clean socks, toe nail clippers, lotion, boot bands, laces, etc
3. "California Dreamin'" This one will take a bit of planning, but it's everything local! Local candy from Swirlz, maybe some local oranges (can you send fruit??), post cards, padres stuff. I'll have to browse around the shops and see what I can get around here, maybe even a map.
4. "Just the Essentials" That's pretty self-explanatory. It's just the essentials, like baby wipes, febreeze, underwear, energy shots, mints and gum.
5. "Revenge of the Nerds" Nerds candy, Morrowind the Elder Scrolls (??? some video game he asked for...sounds dorky, huh?), BCG's, pocket protector, science books (he loves them lol), book mark, revenge of the nerds DVD

Soo...lemme know which one you want to see next week!


Jesse and Marissa said...

I totally love your ideas and can't believe no one responded yet! :) I really like the California Dreamin package because I'm a sucker for stuff that is local. I know my husband wouldn't go for local stuff here but I think that's a great idea. Oh, and I don't believe you can send fresh fruits. You might be able to find something dried though, if your husband likes those of course :) I do have to say I like your first two ideas too!

Dani said...

What an awesome package!!! It too funny, we must be in the same mindset right now because MY latest package is also spicy/Mexican/HOT themed! I'm putting together today to ship out.

I did a "Just the Essentials" package too, that's one of the only ones he received so far lol. My vote for next time is "California Dreamin" it sounds so cute!

tootie said...

What a clever idea! Seriously, I may have to steal these themes. A friend of mine is deployed, and I want to send her something fun!

Lindsay said...

what a fun idea! you're so creative! i love the revenge of the nerds one, my hubby is a bit of a nerd and always asks for stuff like that when he's deployed. :)

navywife24 said...

you are such a good wife! I hope your hubby appreciates how awesome you are and the fact that you put so much time into doing something nice for him!! :) My vote goes for the revenge of the nerds theme! guys love video games, the dvd is a great idea and a classic!, and the science books give it a more personal touch cause its something he really loves! :) either way let us know which one you end up choosing! good luck!

Gaile said...

I vote for Revenge of the Nerds, and make sure you include a few issues of Popular Science Magazine!
And check to see if they have a cool t-shirt you can send him with that box :)

Jennifer said...

i VOTE the Nerds one :) since he asked for the game. and it'll give you time to find some things for the California Dreamin one! These care packages are the cutest! I bet he's lovin them!

Anonymous said...

Nerds sounds awesome especially if he asked for the game. Iknow I will be doing the same whenMike leaves. I got a good laugh at the chip bags part!