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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Much Better Day

Well today was a much better day. Yesterday I really was about 5 seconds away from just driving to Utah and showing up on my mother in law's front porch looking for sanctuary. But then, things got better.

I met a girl on Craigslist yesterday (ya I know...who looks for friends on Craigslist? haha). We decided to meet up at a beach in Encinitas this afternoon to play some beach volleyball. When this morning came around I was honestly beating myself up. Why did I agree to this? I'm not ready for this. Can I cancel? OMG I'm meeting a total stranger! I was NERVOUS. I was about to text and make up an excuse but then I just thought it. What's the worst that can happen? I play beach volleyball for a few hours? Even if nothing ends up happening as far as a friendship, it's a few hours being out in the sun. So I went.

It was actually really fun. I could definitely play more volleyball. I also got a bit winded so it was like exercise at the same time.

Then of course as I'm driving home I start going through the entire conversation/outing in my head thinking if I made the right impression or if I came off as being totally off my rocker. Then I was wondering how long I had to wait before calling her back to avoid looking stalker-y. Wait too long and I appear uninterested or like I use people, but if I don't wait long enough I'll become the "crazy chick" with no life. I mean, the whole thing reminds me of dating in high school except it's just 2 girls looking for friends (does that make ANY sense haha).

So then I came home, and I was pretty pumped because I met someone. I walk up the stairs to my apartment and was assaulted by a giant vinyl sign. Apparently my neighbor's husband is coming home and she pulled out all the stops and had bought a giant sign with his photo on it (larger than life-sized) and "WELCOME HOME" and "WE'RE SO PROUD!" in giant letters. So after having a wonderful day at the beach I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a moron. First of all, I've lived here 5 months and didn't even KNOW my neighbor was military or that her husband was deployed. In fact, all I really know about them is they leave their trash outside their front door just like I do.

 So tomorrow I am going to go to Pendleton with a bloggy friend and check it out (since I haven't really been on base that much haha). I'm so excited. I've even managed to NOT talk myself out of it :)


navywife24 said...

good im glad to hear it!! :)

tootie said...

The same thing happened to me. I didn't know my neighbors were military until I saw the welcome home sign. I felt bad that I had never talked to them before!