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Monday, April 12, 2010

Must Love Cats

Yesterday I welcomed a second furry baby...a 2 year old female cat named River.

My line of thinking cat used to live with cats, he seems bored, well let's get him another cat to be mischevious with. So I adopted a cat from a Marine stationed here who couldn't keep his 4 kitties due to deployments and family life. I ended up with the one cat that wasn't unaltered, mainly because I know that's a deterent for adoptors and I didn't want her to end up in a shelter. Plus, she was the smallest, and she kinda resembles my own cat Pawz Skaggs.

I brought her home and set the carrier in the living room while I closed the door. Skaggs ran over to meet me at the door like he always does. He slowly approached the carrier, sniffing and pausing, and then...he let out a hiss at the little mewing creature through the bars. I picked up the carrier and carried her into her own room, showing her where the little box was and stuff.

After a few hours I thought I should check on her. I opened the door and a little greyish brown blob rushed past me and into the bedroom. And that's when the fighting really got going.

River sniffed around the room, trying to get close to Skaggs and sniff him. Skaggs hissed, growled, yowled, and flashed his neatly-trimmed non-lethal claws. River just sat under the bed sleeping. A few hours later Skaggs snuck up to River and yowled at her, she lunged at him, he took off down the hall, she took off down the hall after him.

Show down in the kitchen!

Skaggs scuttled over near the trash can, river jumped from chair to chair to table to chair to ground trying to get closer. This is what happened (the real action starts at 0:45):

Oy, cats. I really hope they start getting along in a few days/weeks because I would really hate to have to return her or rehome her. Skaggs got along great with the other cats he lived with, I think he just needs time to chillax.