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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The littlest things...

Make me OH SO HAPPY!

Today a lady I work with invited me to have breakfast tomorrow before our work meeting at pala casino.

For some reason that just made me OH SO HAPPY to know that I may actually be on the road to having friends.

I know maybe 4 people in the whole state. One bloggy friend, 1 unit wife, and 2 gay guys. Lol! But maybe...just maybe I am meeting others.

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Jesse and Marissa said...

Good for you!! It feels good :)

Gaile said...

YAY for new friends! :)
Are you eating at the casino? I've heard they have a GREAT buffet, but I still really want to try that steakhouse at Pechanga. *sigh*
Hey, since you are already going out for breakfast, do you want to change our lunch date to later in the week? I can do same time Tuesday or Thursday, or a late lunch Friday if you want.

Amanda Cervantes said...

Yay! New friends are good to have =) Old friends too of course!
Let us know how you like the food at the casino!

The LT's Wifey said...

You just made me so homesick! I miss the indian casinos! Lucky you!
I totally know how you feel though-- I know two people on this island :(

Diamonds said...

Have a good and caring friend dear
wish that you will get such a great friends in future..

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Its always good to connect with a bunch of people. If you would like to meet more people, let me know. Ive got a good network of friends out here. Cheers!!