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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carpe Discount!

Hello all my military ladies!

I'm doing something different on today's blog post. I was out shopping last week when I stumbled upon a previously unknown "military discount" at one of my favorite stores. So I'm compiling a list of all the places I know of that offer military discounts. So please, SEIZE THE DISCOUNT!

1. Hot Topic
2. Khol's
3. Aeropostale
4. Bath and Body Works
5. Sally Beauty Supply (you can also join the Sally Club for free...regularly $5)
6. Foot Locker
7. New York & Co.
8. Pac Sun

9. Autozone
10. Lowe's
11. Home Depot
12. Checker Auto Parts
13. Big 10 Tires
14. Jiffy Lube
15. Kragen
16. Meineke
17. NAPA Auto Parts

18. Applebees
19. Denny's
20. Chipotle
21. IHOP
22. The Melting Pot (HOLY SHIT! Now I'm excited)
23. Sizzler
(many restaurants and hotels offer discounts, just get in the habit of asking)

This got me thinking how many times I've passed up discounts because I didn't know they offered one. So now, I ask EVERYONE. If I'm buying a shirt at an obscure store, I ask. What's the worst they can say? No? Then you're just back to square one.

Also, for those who don't know, Active Duty Serivcemembers get into Sea World and the San Diego Zoo for free, and wives get a small discount. Disneyland sometimes offers military promotions, or you can get cheaper tickets at the Camp Pendleton travel office (lattitude travel). Anheuser-Busch attractions also offer single-day free admission to AD military.

Check out Military Avenue for coupons and rewards in the area around your base. also has a list of running coupons, discounts, and sales.

So what's YOUR military savings secret?


TAW said...

thanks for the list! I have been teaching my teenager to ASK wherever she goes now that she shops on her own a lot. It's nice to see some of her favorite stores on your list. :)

Marie said...

Maurices offers a military discount too!

Gaile said...

I took the kids school shopping at Khols the other day, and was told that the miltary discount is only at certain times of the year, and the most recent one ENDED July 5. BUMMER! :( maybe its only that location though?

Sushi boat gives us 15% off our entire check, even when my hubby is not with us (they know us there, we're kinda regulars LOL)

What kind of discount does Chipotle give? I haven't eaten there in awhile, and now I'm CRAVING it, bad. :) Gotta love a walk-in burrito place where you can get fresh food AND a decent margarita. LOL

OH, and Best Buy does military discount on Saturdays only, and there are exclusions...I know when hubby bought his macbook it was cheaper to buy it on base, b/c he didn't pay sales tax on it, but when we buy DVDs or BluRay movies, we do better at Best Buy, even after paying sales tax.


Funny story, I put a list like this up once on my blog on the sidebar after Carraba's gave us 50% off our meal when my husband dined in uniform after work. Well I had a lady leave me a hateful comment that her brother was overseas fighting so that we could sit at home and enjoy discounts and that I had never blogged about my husband being deployed. I guess soldiers who aren't deployed aren't "real" soldiers. Anyway, I really enjoyed your list, I am definitely in the habit of asking, literally everywhere!

Skinnie Piggie said...

Old Navy offers 10% off the 1st-4th of the month, and Michaels offers 10% off every Wednesday.

Erika said...

You can also check with your local recreation office - the Gene Fullmer Fitness Center in West Jordan Utah - offers great discounts to military families - you can get the corporate membership price. Also, you can qualify for a grant that give $500 to children of deployed personnel that goes to paying for various city programs for kids including dance classes, baseball, football, etc. I haven't had any luck with Home Depot or Lowe's giving military discounts in Davis County, Utah, by Hill Air Force Base though.

Laura said...

Seriously? The ones by HAFB aren't doing it? That's bizzare. I just know the ones here in San Diego usually do.