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Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I finally got around to picking the winners to my blog giveaway, done via the completely random name in a hat method.

The winner of the Apron is: The Mrs, over at Diary of a Mrs

The winner of the cupcake kit is: JsnsWfy at Memoirs of Mental Illness  (P.s, add her..she's new to the blogosphere)

The winner of the Envelopes is: AF Wifey at Swindy's Stories

So my blog winners need to contact me sometime in the next....maybe 2 weeks so I can get their prizes to them. 

And now, since I asked you all to ask me questions when you entered, I'm going to reveal the answers:

Here's an update on my hair. It is freakishly dry, but I didn't have to shave my head and instead settled for a nice red topcoat, since that appears to be the only color that my hair will even let me do. LOL. 

"What made you and your husband decide to join the military?"

My husband enlisted because he wanted a stable job that would allow him to travel, that had good benefits, and was badass. That and his family has a history of military service.

"What's your favorite holiday recipe?"

If only I could cook haha! It would have to be brazelis, which are Swiss German cookies from my family that are made on a special iron to make them look like skinny waffles.

"What was the hardest thing for you and your husband to deal with when you two were first starting up your home together?"

My addiction to home furnishings and that fact that we aren't an endless pit of pier one giftcards.

"Whats your favorite thing about being a military spouse?"

Living in San Diego!!!

"What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?"

I don't actually have TV (something about rebelling against the "distraction") so I watch online (the new distraction haha). I watch: Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Community, Glee, and America's Next Top Model.

"What is your favorite and least favorite duty station so far?"

We've only had 1 duty station (Pendleton) but I did live at Fort Leonard Wood for a few months and would have to say that although I love the small town feel, summers in Missouri are so miserable.

"Whats something that helps you cope with deployment?"

My boyfriends (Jose, Jack, Tanqueray, Bailey, Smirnoff, etc)

"What's your least favorite color?"

 I LOATHE the color yellow. It makes my eyes hurt, and makes agitated and it's the color of pee.

"Who was/is your favorite boy band?"
The Pet shop Boys. I don't know if they really count as a "boy band" but it's a band comprised of 2 boys lol.

"What music do you listen too?"

I listen to everything from punk to metal to pop to classical to 80's hair bands. I even listen to Irish folk music, pop, rap/Hip hop...I more or less have favorite songs as opposed to favorite genres.

"What would be the first thing on your bucket list?"

Live in another country. It's something I really want to do.

"If you could wake up tomorrow and be someone else, for ONE DAY, who would you want to wake up as?"

Dita Von Teese. She is gorgeous! And knows burlesque dancing!


AF wifey said...

Yay I won!! :)
My email is
I would have emailed you but I can't find your email!

The Mrs. said...

I couldn't find your e-mail either! :(

JsnsWfy said...

OMFG I WON?? My hubby actually just told me!! I really wanted that awesome ass lil apron but winning anything is so damn cool. I read you hate yellow *sad face* cuz I LOVE ORANGE!! anyways You rock, not cuz I won, but cuz you are awesome! thx chica!! My email is