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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're a mean one, Mrs. Grinch

Well December certainly got away from me. It feels like just yesterday I was driving back from the airport after visiting family in Utah for Thanksgiving. In fact, I haven't even unpacked my suitcase from that visit (I know, I know...LOL) and yet it's 3 days until Christmas? Umm...WTF?!?!?!

So this year I am being a bit grinchy. Well, every year around this time I start to feel a bit grinchy but this year it just seems so much worse.

I was planning on going home for Christmas again, as I have for the past few years, but upon further inspection my car tires are dry rotted and in no condition to drive 600 miles, and money issues prevents me from getting new ones anytime soon or from buying a plane ticket. My dad offered to pay for a plane ticket, but then by that point I was just so out of the holiday mood that I would rather sit at home drunk than go anywhere (and I didn't want to un-pack my suitcase.) Having 3 cats also doesn't help, since they are all so destructive. Then of course my husband is gone, and my self-esteem has been at such an all time low, it's a miracle I even wake up at all anymore.

So in the end I decided to stay here for myself...a thought that obviously doesn't lend itself nicely to positive thinking. My christmas tree has been lying on it's side for the past 2 weeks, since one of the cats climbed up it and destroyed it from within, so that seems to be the direction the holidays are going for me this year.

Having once been a starry-eyed child who's entire state of existence was based around how many days it was until Christmas, I never thought I'd actually say this....but I wish I could skip Christmas. Like maybe go to sleep on December 23 and not wake up until the 26. I don't even really celebrate Christmas that heavily, but there's something about everyone else out being joyous and you being in your apartment eating days-old chicken nuggets and drinking wine out of the bottle that just really really sucks.

If I could convey my Christmas spirit right now, this is it:



Ashley M. said...

I'm starting to wish I could as well. I think I might in a few years. There's just too much pressure to get everyone gifts, and not just a gift but one that they'll actually love and it's just too much. I think I'm just going to stick with birthdays.

JsnsWfy said...

I feel ya..mostly. Lately, Ive felt like really wanting to make other people happy. Not in a "I want to please everyone way", but in a "I really enjoy brightening people's day" way. Kinda makes ya wanna barf, I know. Anyway-It's YOUR christmas, do with it whatever you wish. Don't drink outta the bottle tho, at least use a glass lol ;p.

AmandaCervantes said...

Hi Mrs grinchy pants =)

Hope you had a good day regardless!