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Friday, December 31, 2010

Irresponsible Pet Owners

I decided to dedicate this post to something that really gets on my nerves: people who shouldn't own pets, but do.

Back in April I decided that I wanted to increase the size of my pet family from one little kitty to 2 little kitties. I was approached by a Marine getting ready to deploy who was looking for homes for all 4 of his cats. After scouting out the prospects, I settled on a very small female cat named "River". 

River was 2 years old and wasn't spayed. Fearing that she was going to end up at a kill shelter because of her intact ovaries, I decided to adopt her. Not many people are willing to adopt unspayed females because of the annoying heat cycle that comes with them.

A few weeks after adopting her, a friend of my husband's came over to do his taxes and fell utterly in love with the cat. As he was leaving he asked if he could have her, because he really wanted a kitty. I told him he could, but she wasn't fixed so she was going to go into heat and it would be annoying and he should probably fix her. He swore up and down that he would.

Fast forward to July and the cat's heat cycle was too much for him, so he let her go outside..just for a few days. She came back 3 days later....with fleas, worms, and some nice kitten fetuses growing inside her. 

The kittens were born in August. He wasn't able to re-home many of the kittens, so he did what any loving and responsible pet owner does...he released them into the "wild". But he kept the mom.

Fast forward again to December. I got a frantic phone call from him one day telling me that he was going on leave and needed a place for his cat. I agreed to take care of the cat while he was gone...little did I know that he had no intention to actually come and get her again. 

Being without a cat carrier, he drove to my apartment with the cat zipped up in his hoodie. Immediatly after I saw her it was obvious that she was skinnier, seemingly emaciated, and covered in fleas. I did the best I could to wash her off, I quarantined her from my other 2 cats, gave her food and water and flea medicine and she finally started to gain weight.

She gained so much weight, in fact, that her stomach began to bulge out like a pot-belly, her nipples tripled in size, and she stopped going into heat. 

That's right folks...she's pregnant. Again. No good deed goes unpunished, so now instead of rescuing one cat from an irresponsible douche bag I'm rescuing a soon-to-be-born litter of kittens as well, and all I can think is thank GOD he gave her back to me, otherwise there would be even more unfixed kittens running amok outside, getting hit by cars, starving to death, and popping out litter after litter of of cats. 

She's due in mid January and I've been working to find home for all the kittens and so far it seems like their fates are all nicely secured in the hands of RESPONSIBLE family and friends who are already established cat owners and actually know wtf they're doing. 

But I have a message to that dumbass who owned this cat before me: 

ARE YOU STUPID?! The first rule of cat ownership is to have your cats spayed and neutered. I lay part of the blame on myself for not fixing her before adopting her out, but I'm not the one who let her go outside while in heat (not once, but TWICE!)

Do you even know anything about having a cat? Is this fun and games for you? Because I guarantee it's not fun and games for the cat. Worms, fleas, starvation, and 2 litters of kittens is very taxing on her little body. When she came to me she weighed only 5 lbs. What kind of sick fuck lets a full grown PREGNANT cat waste away into a 5 lb ball of fur? 

And transporting her without a carrier? Really? She could easily have gotten out, ran under your feet and prevented you from controlling the vehicle. She could have jumped out of your arms on the walk up to the door. So help me God, if I find out you have adopted another cat, I will be calling ASPCA and wouldn't be surprised if they found you with yet another starving, flea-ridden, unfixed cat and litter of kittens.


AF wifey said...

I agree with you!! I hate people who arent' responsible enough to care for animals but do it anyway! It is so sad!

Ashley M. said...

Irresponsible pet owners is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you know you can't afford yearly vaccinations, getting them fixed...which is the simplest procedures medically...don't adopt/buy a pet! I see it all the time on CL, people asking for free dog crates, food or just free things in general for their animal because they can't afford them. And all I can think of is why did you adopt them in the first place? I know most people love animals and they make an awesome addition to the family, but they are intended to be a lifetime commitment (at least their lifetime). They can get fleas or sick or what have you and that cost money. I know it's hard to plan expensive surgeries but if you can't even provide them the basic necessities but thought it would be an intelligent idea to spend $500 on them regardless, DON'T OWN THEM! Also, if you own one cat and are so lazy that you change the poor thing's box once a month and wonder why she pisses and poops outside of it or why your house smells like shit, probably shouldn't own a pet!!! GRRRR!!! /rant

Hello Kendra said...

Happy New Year.
I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. All of the details and Badge can be found at my blog.