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Friday, February 4, 2011

If you don't like America, then leave

Sorry I haven't been writing recently. I've been experiencing some quite awful writers block, coupled with a bit of a gym obsession (8 lbs down), and homecoming stress. I've been wracking my brain, pondering what to write about for quite a few weeks now but it wasn't until today that I actually figured it out.

There is something that happens in this country, something I see quite often in the military community, that drives me absolutely batshit crazy. It can be summed up in these little words: "If you don't like America, then leave".

*cue exasperated moaning and face-palming*

WHY? WHY? Why should that person have to leave?? Don't get me wrong, moving out a country you don't agree with seems like the most logical choice. Unfortunately, I see that phrase being uttered at people who don't actually hate America. It's thrown around to people who are anti-war, to people who don't agree with the president (or even people who do agree with the president), people who burn flags, people who don't donate money to the military, people who don't own guns, people who support immigrants, people who drive electric cars, vegans...there's no limit to the number of situations that can, in some way or another, be perceived as "anti-American".

The reason I hate that phrase, aside from the obvious fact that it is quite combative, is that I don't think that vacating a country is the answer to anything. So someone doesn't agree with you. Big deal. I'm willing to bet quite a large portion of this country doesn't agree with you either. That doesn't mean they are anti-American, or that they need to move out of the country lest they tarnish your narrow worldview.

So the next time someone says something that makes you question their patriotism, maybe you should realize that they probably have a different idea of what makes America, America. And if you want to live in a homogenous society, consider starting your own country ;)


Birdie said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and I really like this post! Couldn't agree more! I love your button too, btw :)

Yolanda said...

I also just came across this and it made me laugh. The kinda laugh that says, "yup!" Isn't it great living in America? Even the narrow minded person can say what they want. I am thankful for being an american and being able to have the freedom to feel what I feel, and I think everyone else should to. With that being said, I really liked what you said!! Thanks for sharing!