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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 more weeks left :(

We acquired a roommate the other day. A guy in DH's shop was in a housing crisis, so we rented out our extra bedroom to him. Honestly I have to say, its kinda fun. I like having a 3rd person around because it makes me feel like I have friends in CA (LOL...random).

Well I think he's only staying a few weeks, so once DH leaves I'll be back to being alone in the house, but at least I can now say I know someone here.

I'm very excited for next week. DH has the entire week off and then my parents are coming to visit, so we're going to go to Disneyland. His mom was here this past weekend, so we took her up part of the Coast Highway and to get some authentic California Mexican Food. We ruined her forever, since there is no way to get food that amazing in the inland states.

We also went to Sea World. I enjoyed it, but I have to say...Sea World has gotten REALLY commercial recently. They almost seemed to care more about advertising and drawing people in and then making them pay atrocious prices to see animals. The San Diego Zoo is so much better. Sea World is just all one big advertisement geared towards children. The Shamu Show, although cool, was hilariously sappy. They staged this whole thing where a girl in the audience got to come down and touch the whale and then the trainer "passed the torch" to her by giving her his Orca tooth necklace. They went way too "Free Willy" on us there. And the sappy movie playing in the background was just terrible.

Sea World has the potential to be really amazing, but I just see it now as a destination for people to gawk at sea animals, rather than a platform for people to actually learn about animals, conservation, biology, etc.

I still need to make Cakes in a Jar. Perhaps I'll do that today. Until then!