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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get With the Digital Scrapbook Age

Sorry it's been a few days. My mother in law just got in to San Diego yesterday. Then DH locked his keys in his car (*eye roll*) and I had to drive all the way to base and unlock his car.

The other day I got a call from a college recruiter because I want to go back to school (photography). Well, we got around to talking and I mentioned I was a scrapbooker. This guy asked me if I did it digitally or manually and when I said manually he balked. "Manually? Get with the digital age, woman! No one cuts out paper and glues it anymore! You can do it all online!"

Ya...and how fun is that? I don't scrapbook because I want to get it done, I scrapbook because I think cutting and pasting paper and different effects is whats fun. If I did it all online well that would defeat the very purpose of scrapbooking. You can't do pop-ups, textures, and vellum in the digital scrapbook world.

Anyways, I just found this organization the other day called Operation Write Home that sends cards to the troops to send back to their families. I absolutely LOVE it. I love scrapbooking and card making. I just have to go to the store and get some more scrapbooking supplies and then I can start making cards. I'm so excited. I just hope I can get my supplies in order in the next week so I can start working on some of the challenges. That should keep me occupied while he's gone...I hope ;)