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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deployment Photography

I'm so excited! I scheduled an appointment with a photographer in the area to do some couples shots of us on the beach! Woo! I just want some recent pictures before he goes, since it's going to be a whole year until we can do any pictures together.

I can't really think of anything specific to blog about on this lovely Tuesday so I'll leave you with a picture:

Oh wait! We went to Best Buy yesterday and bought DH a new computer for his deployment. $600 laptop and YES I'm aware its going to get trashed, but if it helps him stay in contact and gives him a way to entertain himself for 12 months, I'm all for it.

DH also said he wanted to take Flat Husband to Afghanistan. He said it would be hilarious to take pictures of a little flat guy doing things around base lol. So it looks like Flat Husband will be joining Real Husband for a few months.


Operation Write Home said...

Ahhh now it worked! Hooray...or is that Hooah? :)

Jennifer said...

Yay comments are working! couldn't get it to work the other day!

That's cool (flat husband) cant wait to see some Flat Husband pics from afar! :)

and that laptop will be the best investment you ever made, whether it gets trashed or not!

Keep up the blogging, you're doing awesome to stick with it so far!