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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top O' the Mornin!

So I sent my first care package off last week (And yes, I'm aware that I probably should have blogged about it THEN instead of NOW). It was St. Patrick's day themed.

I put in some Lucky Charms, Irish Spring, Oreos, Pistachios, Green mentos, starburst, cigarettes, and spaghettio's. I posted something on facebook about the spaghettios and DH saw it and said "don't send the spaghettios, I don't have a way to cook them" but it was too late...the package (spaghettios included) was already in the mail. So I guess he'll have a nice paperweight.

Now I'm paranoid though. Should I have bagged them in plastic? Are the lucky charms going to explode marshmallow clovers all over the box? Will the soap (despite being sealed in 4 ziploc bags and wrapped in paper) infuse it's soapy goodness all through the box? Does he even like pistachios? Did I write too much random crap all over the inside of the flaps? Will the box fly open? Did I give him enough cigarettes? Will the green Easter grass melt?

Gah, whatever. It's too late now. What happens, happens.

By the way, did you know they don't actually say "Top O' the Mornin!" in Ireland? True story.


Jesse and Marissa said...

I think your package will get there just fine :) I've sent chocolate and it's gotten there okay.

amanda said...

The soap is sealed quite enough.
There will never be enough cigarettes for a bored smoker lol so don't even try to match that one.
The cereal should be just fine and I have no idea if he likes pistachios lmfao.
Send things with as much on the flaps as you want i say! He married you for a reason and I'm sure that he loves all your silly little sayings on the flaps =P