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Friday, July 23, 2010

Road Trippin'

Today I went on a little road trip. I drove from San Diego, CA to Salt Lake City, UT to visit family.

It was the first time I've ever visted SLC without my husband and it feels really weird. When he was in boot camp and combat training I was living at his mom's house, sleeping on the sleeper-sofa in the living room, and for some reason being back here again, by myself, makes me feel EXACTLY like I did a year ago.

All my progress and individuality and coping skills have miraculously vanished and I am back once again to crying myself to sleep. What is it about staying at this house that makes me miss him more? Is it because he grew up here? Because I used to live here with him? Because I associate me staying at her house with our first separation for boot camp?

I don't like it. I would go somewhere else, but I have a cat with me. My parents are anti-pet and a hotel is just too much hassle. But everything just feels...strange.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Being back in familiar surroudings can trigger emotions while the hubby is deployed. Just try to remember the fun things you did together and remember the great feeling you had when you saw him again after bootcamp. =)

Lindsey said...

Exactly what Carmen said. :) My husband and I spent the first 18 months of our marriage apart, literally, so I know how hard it is. How was the drive to SLC? I have family there too and need to get there to see them soon. I live in So Cal as well. I know you don't know me, but I'm always available to talk if you need someone.